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my second channel i'm here with ZaneJason and Matt Cain today we're gonna beplaying the try not to make me laughchallenge this is the fourth time I putit on my channel cuz a run kind of idealoser of the challenge gets slapped onthe face like that doing basically thewinners and the losers you don't wannabe the loser cuz it'll hurt and actionthe grass is greener on the other sidethat wasn't even that funny Mason yourkids like facing your kids missed youand you're gone you needed that $10,000more than cheeky babe what's 9 plus 11joining why you know it's better than 21this is not fair Jason your ex-wifecalls she wants 10 years of her lifeback I used to have friends like you[Music]slap Matt no look you knew this abouttwo years ago when David was back inChicago I'm supposed to pick Toby up ata soccer game maybe every day Toby'sbeen at that soccer pickle for two yearsI'm just only in so bad just bloodstarts coming out my nose I'm reallyhungover I really really don't want tobe spit on by Jason honestly just takethe slaps why did Sally fall off theswing uh she had no arms knock knockwho's there not why couldn't theskeleton cross the street huh yeah whydidn't he okay we'll get this guy's hedidn't have any guts tastes like thatfries from Taco Bell he gets all thetime like Jason hit him like he's yourkids sometimes I hear noises coming outhis aims rolling I know that just sayinand Matt making out sometimes Mattkisses Sain on the lips because he'sscared[Laughter]no I love about using nothing level ofintensity this slap is it's how long andI'm gonna be in the vlogs for Mattyou're welcome any time over at David'svideo make sure you go subscribe toJason Zane Matt doesn't have a YouTubechannel subscribe to these three I'mgonna link in the description they twoof them have great channels ok go buythe new merch it's gonna be like -description below I'll see you guyslater anything else that guys Jason nowyou finally have a reason to go shop[Music]three two three I didn't count down

Zane, matt, and Jason and I slap each other a bunch of times while playing the try not to make me laugh challenge!


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