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as a soldier and messenger of the Lordof the galaxy's I seegreetings this series will serve toprove that both religious adherents andscientists are merely believersreligious adherents believe in God orthe Lordscientists believe in their mereunproven theories or simply neomythology or if the wellesley the Dukeof Wellington now once said educate menwithout religion and you make of thembut clever Devils I agree wholeheartedlyand will prove that intelligent designis the best argument for the believersin God to use against the arrogantatheist scientists or clever Devils ofyour world logic reason and scriptureswill be the rubric or framework by whichI will accomplish this mashallah it isthe will of Allah firstly let's firmlyestablish what the term theory means andWebster's dictionary 3a a hypothesisassumed for the sake of argument orinvestigation be an unimprovedassumption or conjecture see a body oftheorems presenting a concise systematicview of a subject or the general orabstract principles of a body effects ascience or artfive abstract thought speculation yeahas it's crystal clear in these actualfact definitions the theory ofrelativity the theory of evolution thebig bang theory and all other theoriesare all fairy tales or to coin a phrasefrom the anything a scientist RichardDawkins the science delusion let's nowdefine the term fact in Webster'sdictionary 3 the quality of being actualactuality a question of fact in jizanevidence for a something that has actualexistence be an actual occurrence inlight of these definitions I say thatthere are three types of facts personalthanks global facts and what I callsuper or mega facts a personal factstems from a human beings conscious orsubconscious mind for instance one mayfeel angry but high physical signs ofthis from others the anger is an actualfact for that individual and only thatindividual for no one else can see orprove it a global fact is one that canbe observed and verified by nearly allupon the earth for example humans drivecars and flying airplanes however thesetwo types of factpersonal and global fluctuate or changeover short periods of time personalanger may become joy in a matter ofhours and centuries ago even decades agohumans rode horses for cars and claimsdid not yet exist so humans who builttheir entire personal philosophy orframework for truth upon these two typesof X is equivalent to building a housewith straw or feathers which are easilyblown away in the wind however buildinga house with Mecca or super facts factthat our constant or perpetual is theequivalent to building it with iron andsteel so that the wind has no effectupon the housean example of a mega fact is that allliving things need water to live yeahthe Lord of God's words are filled withmega facts such as this praise is due toAllah science legend Albert Einsteinonce said science without religion islame religion without science is blindhe also said never lose a holy curiositywell Albertit is a gargantuan tragedy that thepowers that be on your planet in thisday have abandoned your holy or divinecuriosity and elected to remove theopposing intelligent design argumentfrom their schools of male educationthey have diabolically chosen toindoctrinate the youth of this newmillennium with unproven theories ormythology in order to bolster a sinisteragenda of opposing the Lord of thegalaxies at all costhowever this soldier and messenger ofhis will deliver the whole and completetruth to the human children of the dayand any other humans that desire untilSatan sends his demons to attempt tophysically silence this Ginsu that wecurrently occupy before the impendingwar of Armageddon is completein closing my young divergent comradesquestion everything that your teachersare telling you in school always seekand examine the opposing arguments fromthe opposing scientists of every branchof science however the Lord of thegalaxies delivers eternally cohesivearguments as you will discover in thisseries I leave you with a quote from afellow proponent of intelligent designAlbert Einstein that deep emotionalconviction of the presence of a superiorreasoning power which is revealed in theincomprehensible universe formed my ideaof God yeah Albert was wise indeed

"Intelligent Design" will be explored in depth, as well as the theories of prominent scientists throughout history.