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I can't get none of the stay is oursecret Bridget yes[Music]what's going on you guys keep me on thecamera here[Music]grandpa right there and we are in themiddle of the Twitter Q&A video andnumber one if you can't tellhello I'm still unfairly a woman in youyou're gonna find out in a second youdon't know yet until you put it on it soanyway yeah guys you can't tell thebeards gone that's number one number twoI got lipstick on my faceGrampa's got lipstick on his cheek rightnow we are in the middle of finding outof grandpa we're making a better lookenchanting than me and you know that'snot the shirt well that's the skirtthat's the skirt yeah that's goodokay look at you're going to look upwhoo all right this is the shirt thisman and you need to do his makeupyeah well I you know Vegas you guys domakeup thing you said you'd make a greatlook you want them but I know put toomuch pink still pig oh you mean when hesays that are you calling my peg againso this is Shannon's mom what Shannon'smom oh yeah bro no sue we don't knowthis but you get close but this is thethumbnail go I can't get men to stay isour secret Bridget yes doll mothers goodhey still the things he'll agree to dofor you guyssous-sous meets ooh I'm gonna get backinto position and finish this computed aI just wanted to start off the vlog whenwe were doing this but wait that's yourswe just finished the Q&A my name is suhow do you do we just did the Q&A videoyou guys are now dad wants to see whathe looks like as a woman oh you would[Applause]you look who you belong to sprawl AvenueI am I need you thank you so so how didthat occur speaking how much would itcost to get grandpa couple dolls whenyou want that's it that's cheap oh manhey embrace good looking woman whatabout me you I didn't make a goodlooking woman to get out of here MissPiggy oh I didn't realize the wondersthink was still on my faceword up sexiest gals in somerville callus yeah you sexy girl that's what youlook like as a woman dadI like the others way what did you thinkabout the Twitter Q&A as usual I triednot to ask him he disrespectfulquestions this time that is over by theway I got a good idea for a future videoseries I'm gonna tell you off camerawhat what are you trying to do right nowokay alright pop we're gonna be headingout of here uh thanks for doing theTwitter Q&A no problem we're gonnagather up buy wigs and our dresses win Igot so I went over we some ah I got astory I want to tell okay what kind of Imean that last last week into the yardsale is it a meeting a youngin sorryyeah I got one that'll beat itmaybe this Hey okay well prove it guysthis morning me and Bridget are atWalmart how did it you don't hear thestory yet so me and Prez are walkinginto Walmart we see this guy and I'mpretty sure he's like doing legalactivity at the time in the fourof a rolled cigarette let's just saythat so do you know if I'm fat he wasnot gonna do it yes no you don't yeah Icould smell it it all be une no justgood news bagons be bagons in fact I'vesmelled like weed okay I'm assumingthat's what it was okay the God was likethe guy who takes one look at music ohnow the first thing is this guy has oneof those Walmart subs and squeezablemayonnaise and he's like squeezing it onthe sandwich anyway you trying to top mystory or somethinguh hi and a ZZ Top anyway you figuresome better than this yeah this guylooks me and he says you wouldn't haveto this sandwich boy whoa Mike no I'mokay dude so we take a picture togetherand he puts his arm around me and I gotthis sub sandwich in my face like heyhow you doing I'm looking at mayonnaiseso if you look on Twitter there's apicture of me with a younger thatWalmart and a mayonnaise writtensandwich in my finger oh man I'm justgood okay yours is better than go aheadtell me you know I go to Garfield everySaturday yeslast Saturday I pull up in the yard andthe kids the kids oh my god is a grandpaOh in my yard wow that's so much betterthan my so I'm talking to you up youknow they take some pictures you knowsee better that's like can I finishI was joking go ahead guys hey big man Igotta call my brother but you got tomeet you I've gotta go back down on footyou can give me a minute grandpa'salright also the front door bust openthis guy I've been taking a crap whatyeah buddy I taught them a nice back ofthe fan are you serious with Godokay yeah that does be my story Eddiehaving our grandpa's toilet paper youautograph toilet paper yeah oh my godcan histoy wins holy crapI don't know man I roll stupid butenough I know if you thought abouthanging up baggy britcheswhat are the here's a question didLauren just wake up yeah Laura say 8o'clock at night you slept all day shesleeps every gay man up all night sleepall day I don't know what's wrong shedrink blood - what guys we're gettingout of here cover this land or notbecause of what cover this list we getat it you better not okayI miss you question I'm gonna miss yougasps my god I don't want to talk aboutthis I want you to guess what flavors Iwant to talk about this we're notshowing this how did this happen Bridgetit was so freaking nice in here like aday well we cooked then we ate and wegot stuff filthy can you just do it inhere how does this happen in a daythough I don't know okay can you pleasehelp me clean what color do you thinkGreen is frickin apple strawberryMichael come on go check dude no wellthat was really loudBroly was still just a noise come on broscared where did it come fromI don't know brohow'd that happened please stop cryingBridget pray no Bryce women scary Iswear to god how would I have done thatit's order a remote control I went out Idon't want to be here tonight you wantto stay in a hotel I do yeahI got a gun I'm gonna grab it it'll useit we have the gun please go grab itwhere is it rightyeswho you're stopping it's not the samesound what if it closed and opened againcome on backstop come on out what if it's not apersonnot this Harmon stuff oh my god who elsewould it be it stopped what you wannahear what it sounds like when it opensso we don't get opened or closedthat's about the sound okay I knowyou're up there come on out I got a gunI promise you I'm gonna start firing itI don't know if we'll haunted or not youre well when I go downstairs you stillwant to go to our hotel oh we got ouranimals can we not take them is therenot a pet-friendly Hotel we can leavethe overnight can't wait no way so whosebarge it out of this right now I'llsleep with the panic button that couldworkwhy is here to here tonight they're offtonight we'll call them I'll let youlean against this I'm going downstairsBridget I want to hear from yourfootsteps the jig is upcome on out okay we're leavingthat could even felix pulling the stringdown or something no that was not felixthat was not something please tell mewhat causes an attic door to open andclose I got no other explanation are youthis scared cuz I'm not gonna sleeptonight I'm not eitherI'm up I'm making coffee so in this thegreen are you shaking I'm scaredplease stop Bridget you're crying againin this one green is strawberry I don'tcare my I feel like we're really hauntedit's scary you know everything before Igo to Felix maybe hopefully but thatwhat if you're wasn't your dad hererecently no maybe I was mad I don'tremember and it's like cocked open IIthink I pushed up or somethingwe're like never upstairs though everwell I don't have an explanation maybethey do cuz I don't got that no more I'mtired of it dudewhat do we do this is not what Iexpected real funny when this ishappening isn't it let's get out we'vegot to go I don't know why can we atleast just go to the hotel see if it'spat friendly no maybe yes we're doingthat you want to stay in the house nobut I don't wanna leave we're going to ahotel right now you know they were doingthat I say we are doing it I don't thinkwe're doing that then why are we goingright now maybe what is check it outjust go if it's pet friendly we'll comeback and get them I don't want to be inthat house okay it's hauntedit's absolutely haunted I don't reallyknow what the sentence could have beenwhat the dogs why BridgetBridget their dogs will come back it'sonly a night I love them okay but I'mscared to sleep in the house what I'mdirtyare you joking no we have to go get themthe hotel no stopare you serious right nowguys there is a cop in the parking lotwe just turned around and I don't havehe's looking for us or notwhat's going onyou gonna turn into the parking lot withthe cops are there my god it's true whatare you doingwhat they're looking for us they'reclearly yo they leave locked in that carwhat's going on over here folks I'mzooming in what we turn around hurryI got it go out of here you can get usarrested what oh my god my girl were soscrewedOh Bridget they were like we're we'rebusted we're getting arrested right nowoh god oh god they're gonna think I'mall right part of them yeah oh god Ineed to get out of here right nowwhat if it's drugs so they think I'mlike looking for them for drugs Oh Godget out of here oh my god what are theypulling out how'd you sleep how do youthink uh-huh barely one eye open rollingaround scared to death I try to notthink about it and how could you notsomebody broke into the house I don'tthink anyone broke in Oh ghostso you thinking yeah it was it goes yeahexplanations it ghosts it's always gotto be spiritual it was most likely aghost where's the person at Michaelgenius Richmond you better calm down itchair I watched the footage you can hearthis hinge thing okay I'm scaredlet's get you dad here I don't want togo up there okay he'll look haunted nohaunted yes personally I don't thinkthat was a personal security doublealarms double the guns I want to go allout on this because I'm pissedwhere's the person at Michael I don'tknow Pritchard where's the guy well thiswe don't think a homeless person livingin our attic or something I mean speaksout in the mornings come on it'sobviously a ghostokay the other reason were filming rightnow suppose we didn't do an actual it'sdo it right now that's gonna be it guyswe didn't sleep in a hotel I had ahorrible sleep I barely slept and you'resleeping again tonight here we'll seewhat bad like just say subscribesubscribe favorite on everything bruh tous Michael we're haunted it's not aperson it's a human where is he guysMichael where is I gotta light itthrough guys check out this trailer forthe anger grant act I'm trying to beoptimistic and happy right now guys ifyou haven't seen Karen if you haven'tseen the Twitter Q&A video you would youshe'll check out this trailer for theTwitter Q&A all right dad it is time fora little bit of Twitter QA again what Imean again because Dad I do long ago wehaven't done it since Juneyour lies[Music][Music]that's gonna be it for today you guysdid you okay god they're funnyis there any money like were youpranking me no swear on your mom's lifedie I was crying swearing I was likedying just dyinglike/subscribe baybridge swearing yourdad's eyes I swear on everything that Ilove this isn't a prank I don't knowwhat's going on that's where am I likeJacqueline your mom's like you're like Idon't know what I was I'm scaredlike subscribe favorite and that's it[Music][Applause]


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